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Today's society has been adapted to the prosperity of the past, forget the simplicity of the past society; experienced the peace of today's society, the loss of the past simple society; experience of today's social competition, the absence of past social happiness. The pursuit of too much perfection, I am an imperfect child, the lack of a little love.
Imperfect child, want a childhood. I had hoped to see a playground, take a roller coaster; I had expected to take a look at the sea, a view of the ebb and flow; I also hope that the hands of a lollipop, candy to experience my happiness; Wanted more than a limited edition of the Viking, although I do not know what is a Viking, but at the same table told me that with him, you can have a childhood. I just want a childhood.
Imperfect child, has been very "perfect." My mother always told me to make me a perfect child. She said: You have only been perfect, can be better than others. is it? Although I have questions in mind, but did not ask why. So I have been surrounded by a variety of remedial classes, has been surrounded by various subjects, has been holding out the papers. Mom did not ask me tired, her heart I have been very perfect. Maybe I'm really perfect.
Imperfect child, or not perfect. I thought I could have been perfect, has been holding out the papers, although ninety-eight nothing, really nothing, I was the first. At the same table just pass the line just, I have a lot more than he points it! I saw his mother reward him a kiss, nice, the original poor performance can also be parents love. But my mother why hit me? Because I did not test one hundred points? Because I'm no longer perfect? I really do not understand, the world of adults.
When the light is no longer fly, the sun is no longer shine, rain is no longer sweet, can you give me a hug? mom. I am an imperfect child, the lack of a little bit is not because of the perfect to get the love.

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